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How to buy a Disney Plus subscription for 30€ per year, or 3€ per month

Do you want to know how to save more than 50 euros on Disney Plus? In this guide, I will explain how to pay for Disney Plus for only 30 euros per year instead of 79.99€. Step by step I will explain to you a trick by which you can save the annual amount for the subscription.

Discount on Disney Plus subscription

This article is paid, and my trick is unique, so I’m happy to share it with everyone willing to contribute. The cost of a 1 monthly Disney Plus subscription is almost the same as a 1 monthly subscription. Since I came up with this trick myself, I can’t guarantee how long it will work, but you will get an annual subscription thanks to it. Setting up this subscription trick depends on several factors, the fastest will have it done in 7 min. and the longest it will take is 20 min. Your subscription will last until you cancel it, if you cancel it, you will not lose the right to renew it at the same price. You will be able to renew your Disney Plus subscription at any time and the same discounted price. The only condition for using this trick is to have an Android smartphone and I recommend having a Revolut account as well.

Lacnejšie Disney Plus
How to get Disney Plus cheaper by more than half.

Tento článok je exkluzívnym obsahom pre predplatiteľov.

Môžete si zakúpiť mesačné predplatné 6,99€ alebo ročné 45,00€. Môžete platiť prevodom alebo platobnou kartou.

Zakúpiť predplatné

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You can purchase a monthly subscription for 6.99 € or an annual subscription for 45.00€ . You can pay by bank transfer or credit card.

Buy a subscription

A cheaper subscription to Disney Plus

Thanks to this trick, you can save 50€ per year and 4.86€ per month on Disney Plus, this is a pretty good amount to save. In case of any problems, please contact me at, please write from the email from which you purchased the blog subscription. I only provide support for subscription members.

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