10 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

For every company, its website represents an online business card. Some websites are statically programmed and cannot be customized without the knowledge of programming. Then there are those that run on content management systems. Content Management System (CMS) is a web-based software that you can use to manage and often compile the content of a website. This system runs on a server and allows you to log in and edit your content. One of such systems is WordPress, which was created in 2003 and is used by 26% of all websites, although this number may not be exact.

WordPress is a content management system that I recommend for the following reasons:

1. WordPress is for free

On that offer websites that you can have for free such as websnadně, webnode and the like, you have to pay for functions such as the e-shop, the contact form or the blog. You can have these features completely free of charge without any monthly fees in WordPress. Of course, you still need to pay for the web hosting and the domain. WordPress is created by hundreds of volunteers from the community and this system provides very effective solutions for creating a great website, a blog or an e-shop, or a forum.

2. Simplicity and speed of the system

WordPress is also known for its simplicity. You do not need any programming skills to manage or edit the content. With a media library, you can easily save and easily add photos, videos, and audio files to your website. It also isn’t a problem to throw in WordPress Youtube videos, PDF files or audio. The possibility of writing articles is a matter of course. It is also worth mentioning the feature that has saved my nerves several times – the fact that the articles you write are automatically saved every time you add something.

My blog loads in 1.12 sec and is faster than 88% of websites. If you want similar statistics, please contact me.

3. A multitude of themes

If you want a simple website, you can choose from a number of free templates. Some are not worth much, but with a longer selection you can come across a great theme. But if you want to have a proper website, you can choose from paid themes. A one-time purchase of a theme will save you a lot of worries. These themes are regularly updated, you have 6 months of support from the developers, and most importantly, the themes look great. Some of them contain complex solutions for real estate agencies, so that you can manage the entire system of adding advertisements yourself. But you can also find themes with which you can create an online car bazaar, or job offers. You can explore these themes on the ThemeForest website.

4. A multitude of plugins

For WordPress, there are thousands of modules and themes that allow you to turn your site into just about anything you can imagine. With the WooCommerce plugin, you can create an e-shop in a short time. It will also take you a short time to create a discussion forum with the bbPress plugin. Contact forms with Contact Form 7 is fun as well. But if you are looking for a more demanding plugin, I recommend looking at CodeCanyon.

5. The WordPress community

The community is what makes WordPress more than just a system. The community of people who adore this software meets once a month in larger cities at WordPress meetups. WordCamps are also organized around the world, where people talk and give interesting lectures. In Bratislava, WordCamp is organized annually as well. WordCamp Bratislava 2016, which I attended, was my first, and there was a great atmosphere and interesting lectures. This camp takes only one day, with lectures in two different halls. One hall is for beginners and the other is meant for developers.

WordCamp 2016 (zdroj : 2016.bratislava.wordcamp.org)
WordCamp 2016 v BA (zdroj : 2016.bratislava.wordcamp.org)

6. A blog, an e-shop, or a forum in a short time

In 2012, when I was still choosing what software to use for creating this blog, WordPress was my choice. At that time, it was used mainly for blogging. Thanks to its simplicity, it has also spread to complex websites. Thanks to the fact that WordPress has a number of free plugins, you can turn your website into a multifunctional e-shop or forum in a short time by installing the plugin, just as I wrote above.

7. Experts will advise you with WordPress

I am one of them. I have been working with WordPress for several years and this blog has been running on it since 2012, when I started actively working with it. I help, edit, translate, advise, make the site multilingual, secure, etc. I also make demanding custom adjustments.

7. Mobile display has several themes

Many people are already surfing the web via their smartphone or tablet. WordPress is a modern software and its themes, whether premium or free, include responsiveness for most devices. Without special editing or programming, your site will also be optimized for smartphones, but of course it must be programmed for that specific theme.

8. Updates and safety

WordPress itself is secure against attacks and hackers, but you may not always be able to check the security of your website. In particular, keep up with regular updates and use complicated passwords. Also avoid old plugins that are not updated. If you want to make sure and secure the site at a professional level, you can try out my services.

9. Easy connections with other systems

Combining your WordPress site with services like MailChimp, which makes it easy to manage your newsletter, or with Google Analytics, which makes it possible to monitor statistics, can be done in just a few minutes. Additionally, its simple connection to social networks will save you a lot of time. You can have an Android application for your website within a few hours.

10. SEO is optimized and customized for Google

WordPress itself is well-optimized for Google search engines, but sometimes it is necessary to set it well in the very core. You can also use a number of SEO plugins that are free. I especially recommend Yoast SEO.

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