360 cameras are also referred to as spherical. They are equipped with two to several hundred lenses. Additionally, they capture the field of view in the range of 360 degrees. They have several advantages over conventional cameras. Why you should go for a 360 camera, you will learn in my article Why a 360 ° camera instead of a single-lens reflex camera. But which camera to choose in 2020? You will find out in this article.

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I’m sure you remember that a few years ago, we used to take a digital camera with us on a trip or vacation. But these times are long gone, unless you are a professional photographer. Today, even some middle-class smartphones can take miraculous photos. Of course, these are not comparable to an SLR camera. But let’s face it, for an ordinary person who is not a photographer, an SLR camera is a useless purchase. But what about a 360-degree camera or even a spherical camera? That’s...

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